Choose from Hundreds of standard finish options or with endless custom color matching capabilities, expressing your own creativity is also an option.

With our custom size and shape cabinetry capabilities, no longer are your designs hindered by limited "from-the-spec-bookonly" offerings.

Kith Kitchens Lasting Touch Finish

Standard stain and pigmented base-coat finishes have 20 - 25 sheen semi-gloss top coats.

Select from satin or semi-gloss finishes on custom color match stains and pigmented base-coats.
  • Satin finish delivers the soft matte look and feel of fine furniture.
  • Semi-Gloss is a higher sheen finish with a distinct appearance all its own.

  • Antique enhancements can be added to both stains and pigmented base coats.
  • Glaze adds richness and character by applying a contrasting color to the details of the piece.
  • Rub-Through delivers a aged, worn appearance.

  • Staining Process

    Kith Kitchens utilizes both spray and wiped stains to insure maximum color uniformity and depth of grain enhancement

    Finish Application

    Kith Kitchens has advanced finish application technology to give our cabinets the beauty and durability for a lifetime of use.

    Catalyzed Conversion Finish

    The catalyzed finish forms a chemical barrier and a hard film to protect our cabinets from household chemicals, moisture and wear.